Constant migraines

Before December 2012, I’d never had a migraine before. Yes, I’d had headaches, but never the kind of headache where your temple throbs, you have stabbing pain behind the eyes, it feels as if you’re going deaf in one ear and when you blink it’s as if camera flashes are going off. And numbness all down the right hand side of my body. Little did I know that the numbness would be permanent and I’d have the migraines nearly all the time.

Four weeks before the first migraine (where I ended up in the Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit as at first doctors were unsure if I was having a stroke) – I started having Methotrexate injections as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although this medication had started to reduce the swelling in my left wrist, I felt sick all the time, had diarrhoea up to seven times a day, my hair started to fall out (not dramatically but it became much finer and I was losing more than usual), and I had skin rashes on my chest (leading to a visit to Accident & Emergency). I also developed a lung infection and took antibiotics for it.

The question is, could the Methotrexate injections have been a trigger for the migraine and permanent numbness? Would I have developed these problems anyway? Are you more likely to get migraines if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? I’ve just had some Neurology tests so hopefully these will give some answers. Til then, I deal with it by keeping busy and drinking lots of water.


4 thoughts on “Constant migraines

  1. Get a hold MHNI Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute they are the world leaders in Headaches. I have been dealing with a “Chronic Daily Migraine” for almost 4 years now. The pain is 24/7 so I know what your going through. Most of the patients that go there find some kind of relief. Unfortunately I have not. 😦

  2. Hi, thanks for this. Sorry to hear about your chronic migraine. I’m actually based in London, UK and have already visited the National Neurology Hospital here. I saw another migraine specialist privately who recommended Vitamin B2, have you tried that?

    • Yeah I think we have done about everything that can be done. Just thankful good is coming out of this. My book “Lessons from a Headache,” is about to be released. Hoping it helps others as they deal whatever pain they may be experiencing in their lives.

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