Blood results

Finding out blood test results is always a rollercoaster experience, they are so unpredictable. Last time I had a chance to see my results the ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) and C-reactive protein (inflammatory markers in the blood) were within normal levels. This time, the ESR was slightly elevated at 8 – (normal range is 1-7) and CRP was ok at 1.0 (normal range is 0-5.0). My Vitamin D is now back to normal levels but I’m continuing to take 1,000 International Units a day. That’s some good news, at least.

Other results that I’m not so happy about:
Lymphocytes – LOW – 1.16 ( normal range: 1.2 and 3.65)
Thyroid stimulating hormone – HIGH – 5.56 rather than 0.27-4.20.

I have no idea what this means so will need to talk to the doctor and rheumatologist about it. Now that I have bone erosions in my hands and wrists, the rheumy wants me to try Sulphasalazine (I’ve already tried Plaquenil and Methotrexate, with terrible side effects). But the next appointment isn’t til September as I’ve got to have an MRI scan for the Neurology team. (They’re still investigating why I’m numb on the right hand side and keep getting migraines).

So, the old-fashioned treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is the next step while waiting to have the MRI test and the result. In other words, hand therapy. Does this mean a splint for my hands, exercises etc? Will be interested to find out. On the other hand, my doctor said that they won’t be able to refer me to the hospital for integrated medicine which is frustrating – and it means going there privately.  Seems unfair that there’s a health lottery in London depending on your postcode. I know that scientifically there isn’t much evidence for homeopathy, acupuncture etc being beneficial for arthritis but I’d love to try them.


2 thoughts on “Blood results

  1. Homeopathy has worked for me up to a point. It has definitely helped relieve pain and has restored some mobility in my arms. But I am about to give it up and try a biologic because I still have a lot of inflammation and severe joint destruction and deformity. I loved the idea of homeopathy and the lack of side effects, but now I think I need something more targeted to prevent further debility. Unfortunately. I wish all my experiments with diet, acupuncture, energy medicine, etc. had paid off better. Why can’t I be one of those miracle cases I read about?

  2. Thanks for getting in touch. I think today I had the reality check that I needed as I saw my doctor again and he said: “Without treatment, your bones will be destroyed.” Although this really upset me, and I’m dreading starting another treatment (Sulphasalazine), at the same time it got me thinking – what if I could just be on this medicine for a few months – ie enough to put the disease into remission? That would be better than struggling on as I’m currently doing. I have come to the conclusion that my arthritis is very different from my mother’s friend who had the spontaneous remission on diet alone after a year.

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