Job search

What types of job do people with a chronic illness normally do? Or in fact any kind of condition? I have always worked in offices and have done jobs that involve lots of typing and sitting at desks – not great when you have either rheumatoid arthritis or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome!

The reason I’m considering different jobs is because my last one in environmental policy finished in May (a fixed-term contract). I feel as if I’m at a cross-roads now (partly because I’ll have to go on another Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug (DMARD) – called Sulfasalazine – and I don’t know whether there’ll be side-effects. Not only that, but there’s the tricky question of whether to tick ‘yes’ under the Disability box or to leave it blank. In my experience, the one time I did mention it on my application I didn’t get called to interview. Ever since I haven’t mentioned it until I have a job offer. Then it gets more complicated as I have to explain that I need time to attend medical appointments and ideally work from home one day a week to make it easier to have treatments. How do other people handle this? What kind of job really suits people with RA / EDS / similar conditions?

Searching for a job is tiring enough, but add in the fatigue from arthritis and EDS and it can make it seem overwhelming. A flexible job (ie not a typical 9-5) would be ideal, would allow me to get the arthritis under control and to get a better work-life balance. How to find this dream job though?!


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