Inspired by art

One of the best ways I’ve found to deal with chronic pain is keeping myself busy and making time to actually have fun and relax. When so much of your time is spent going to medical appointments and talking about your (bad) health, I think it’s important to do stuff that takes your mind off things. Today, I went to an event where artists open up their homes to complete strangers across the city. You can drop in to any artist’s home and look at the art – everything from portraits and landscapes to jewellery, sculpture and digital art. I absolutely loved it – the explosion of colour, the beauty and realism of the paintings, the intricacy of the digital art that made 2D faces jump off the page. Best of all, while talking to the artists and finding out the individual stories behind their art, I wasn’t focusing on my painful arthritic hands, knees and hips. I was distracted for just a few hours out of the day, but what a wonderful afternoon and I’ll definitely be going back for more inspiration tomorrow. It’s been about 5 years since I last painted but I’m feeling ready to pick up a paintbrush again for the pure joy of it.


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