Making progress

It’s only been three days since starting Sulfasalazine and having a steroid injection. And it feels like it’s starting to make a difference already. Not a dramatic difference, but I have slightly more movement in my left hand and wrist and less overall joint pain. On the flip side, my fingers and ankles are swelling up like the Michelin man (the living tyre)!, but perhaps that’s due to the current heatwave.

Treating my rheumatoid arthritis feels like taking part in an experiment, as even though the drugs have been used on other people successfully for years I’ve had three bad reactions to separate medications since September. From Wednesday I’m doubling the dose of Sulfasalazine so fingers crossed that my health will continue to stabilise. Next up, there’s more hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and a trip to the thoracic (chest) clinic and the neurologist. Plus fortnightly blood monitoring as a result of the Sulfa and I’ll keep going with the gluten-free and dairy-free diet. In the midst of all these medical appointments, thank goodness for my friend’s wedding party and my cousin’s christening – should be fun and a great distraction. As I lift my non-alcoholic cocktail, I’ll be toasting not only their happiness but also celebrating the gradual improvements in my health.


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