Free running

At an event tonight I watched guys from the Airborn Academy of Parkour doing free running tricks, flips and twists. It was absolutely mesmerising to watch. I’ve no idea how many hours of practice they put into it but they are real experts at what they do. I also learnt the difference between the two: apparently parkour is about getting from A to B as efficiently as possible, jumping over railings, swinging from one part of a a building to another etc; whereas free running involves still getting from A to B but taking more time, incorporating your own tricks, flips and twists. A backwards flip from a standing position?  No problem. Forget the one-handed cartwheel, what about the no-handed cartwheel? Easy. It was a seriously impressive display and got me thinking again about what people are capable of and how much the mind comes into it. When you have rheumatoid arthritis, it’s easy to start thinking about what you can’t do physically. But what about banning the phrase ‘I can’t’ and thinking what you can actually do. I’d definitely like to do more – not trying to be superhuman like these guys – but their stunts have motivated me to get more active and start aiming towards a tangible goal. I may not ever be physically up to running a marathon or leaping across town doing parkour, but I could certainly aim for a 5k walk.


2 thoughts on “Free running

  1. I like your attitude, Fran. RA definitely does dampen the urge to move, but moving is so helpful, overall. I’m working myself up to start going to the gym again…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Parkour and free running are amazing!

  2. Thank you Wren. I think keeping active is so important but what’s tricky is knowing my limits at the moment. Having said that, my RA team have quite a few people on anti-TNF treatment who are in drug-induced remission, one of whom has managed to run a marathon, so I’d like to aim high!

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