New diagnosis

Another week, another set of hospital appointments – including hand therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and blood monitoring. Today (although technically speaking it’s the next day as it’s 2am here) I was in the thoracic clinic for the first time. First, I had a lung test where I had to breathe into special equipment to test my lung capacity and breathing rate. The doctor listened to my chest and my description of the symptoms (coughing up blood and phlegm on a regular basis, feeling breathless).

Apparently I have Bronchiectasis but they need a CT scan of my chest to confirm the diagnosis. It’s a relief to finally put a name to this distressing set of symptoms that I’ve had for 5 years  (although I’ve only coughed up blood since last September). There was no time to discuss treatment options so it’s a question of waiting til the CT scan results come in. To top it off, the area in front of my left hear has ballooned with what looks like an infection. That’s why being on immuno-suppressants is such a mixed experience – although it’s suppressing the disease, at the same time it’s lowering my immune system meaning I keep getting infections. It’s a balancing act – hopefully if I need anti-biotics I’ll be able to keep going with the Sulphasalazine to try and get my health stable.


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