Fabulous Fashionistas

Over a week ago I watched an amazing TV programme called Fabulous Fashionistas, following 6 women between the ages of 73 and 90, who were all stylish (in different ways). They shared a positive attitude and approach to life and enjoying it. As 75 year old Bridget said: “I don’t give a damn what people think about me or the way I dress. I dress for myself because I love style and design and colour.” And I wondered whether dancer and choreographer, Gillian Lynne, 87, had either hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos syndrome because she had such great flexibility, and is still working: “It’s all about having a purpose. And that’s why I think to retire is dangerous.” Her morning routine includes 40 minutes of stretching every day, which makes me resolve to keep going with my physiotherapy routine although my energy-levels are at an all-time low. I thought Daphne Selfe, an 85 year old model with striking, almost waist-length silver hair, summed everything up perfectly: “Enjoy it as much as you can. After all you don’t get a second chance.”

The fashonistas’ ‘joie de vivre’ shone through and it was an incredibly feel-good film. So feel-good that I’ve watched it again, as their energy and enthusiasm for life is inspirational. It’s been a tough few weeks as I’m still in limbo, waiting to start anti-TNF treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (Humira), so I need all the positivity I can get! I’m hopeful that once I find the right drug for me (hopefully this one), I’ll be able to embrace as many challenges as possible – starting with a 5k run.


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Fashionistas

    • Thanks, Marcia! Brilliant to hear it’s worked well for you. I’ve heard that one of my medical team’s patients has just run a marathon and is in drug-induced remission on Humira, so fingers crossed! I’ve been told it will be at least another 2 weeks, so not long to go now.

      • I noticed a big difference within 2 weeks and at a month actually forgot what the pain was like. I wish the same for you!

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