Christmas Resolutions for 2014

Rather than making resolutions at New Year, I’m thinking of them now. I could wait, but I’m impatient to get started! Top of the list is doing a fun run (or more likely walk!) to fundraise for arthritis research. Finding a new (part-time) job is also a priority, but dependent on finding a new flat. (I’m urgently looking for somewhere new to stay in London by the end of January). I’d like to spend less time in hospital (with hopefully fewer appointments) and have more fun with friends. Most of all, I’d like to get better. That’s not a resolution but I want to keep optimistic. Who knows if I’ll reach drug-induced remission this year? At the very least, it would be amazing if Humira gets the rheumatoid arthritis stable so I don’t develop any more bone erosions. And I’d like to do more painting, jewellery-making, photography and other creative stuff. Finally, I’d like to spend a whole week abroad (something I haven’t done for several years due to illness) and to keep playing the ukulele!


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