Osteoporosis shock

Osteoporosis isn’t normally linked with younger people. Most people tend to think it affects post-menopausal women, and to a lesser extent, older men. The reality is different – as I found out last week. Having had a ‘borderline osteoporosis’ diagnosis for the past few years, it came as a shock to hear that it’s now full-blown in my spine (but still ‘borderline’ in the hips).

‘Borderline osteoporosis’ had given me a false sense of security, the feeling that perhaps it was reversible and could be held at bay for a while. Instead, I face the prospect of another heavy-duty medication. On the positive side, I’ll only have to take Risedronate (Actonel) for 3 years to prevent the risk of bone fractures in later life (that’s if there are no side effects).

Last week, I had two ultrasounds on my left abdomen. The first was inconclusive but the second showed I had two old tears in the 10th rib. That explains the agonising pain since last September! It had been dismissed by several GPs on various occasions and I’d had to insist for further tests. It usually takes 6 weeks for this type of injury to heal, but my fractures are 6 months old. This doesn’t surprise me as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is associated with poor healing. The final set-back last week was being unable to have Enbrel due to a viral infection. I was gearing up to self-inject, only to be told by the specialist nurse that I’d have to wait. I never thought that I’d be looking forward to having an injection! Roll on next week and actually being able to do the whole injection in one go.


2 thoughts on “Osteoporosis shock

  1. Sorry to hear about the osteoporosis. I have been fighting the taking of biophosphonates for a while, but I’m to start Fosamax shortly. I’m also on steroids which complicates the bone thing. But, I’m taking a break from them, no pun intended. Hope all goes well with your next Enbrel injection.

    • Thanks for commenting, Irma. I’m having a short break from Enbrel as my neutrophils have gone down again, but feeling optimistic I’ll be back on it soon. Then I’ll add in the Actonel when I feel ready. I’ve also been on steroids but came off them. Good luck with the Fosamax.

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