Foot fracture

The podiatrist knew there was something wrong with my right foot immediately. It was hot to the touch, skin reddish, and swollen both on top and on the sole of the foot. My foot had been painful for some weeks but I attributed it to normal EDS and RA joint pain. Some days were worse than others. I started limping and regularly felt a stabbing, burning pain searing into my foot when walking.

So I was relieved to have an appointment with the podiatrist. They were going to fit my shoes with new, custom-made insoles. In the end, that didn’t happen. The podiatrist insisted on the rheumatologist assessing my foot straightaway. An x-ray followed which showed a fracture on my 3rd toe of the right foot. Looking at the x-ray was upsetting. Even though I had the evidence in front of me, I still couldn’t quite believe it. Nothing dramatic had happened. I had not been walking more than usual.

Now my foot is strapped up inside an AirBoot for 6-12 weeks and I have to use crutches. The rheumatologist said that I could be ‘partially weight bearing’ which makes a bit less daunting to get around, but it is still hard work on my arms and shoulders with the muscle wastage from RA. One cause for the foot fracture could be osteoporosis. Despite taking weekly osteoporosis medication and vitamin D daily, I have also torn two ribs. Balancing keeping active with minimising the risk of future fractures is going to be hard. It would be useful to know what more I could do to prevent more broken bones. Who wants to feel (or be treated) like a china doll? On the positive side, it’s amazing how many people offer me a seat now that my invisible conditions are seen as a visible disability. People chat to me everywhere – on public transport, at bus stops, in shops, in the road trying to get from A to B (slowly). A foot fracture is a minor setback for a few months but I don’t intend to let the fracture stop me living life to the full.


4 thoughts on “Foot fracture

  1. Sorry to hear that! But glad it was investigated further and the real cause of your pain was determined. I, too, blame RA for everything! But that’s not the best thing to do. Isn’t that something, now that your pain is visible people react to you differently. Hope it heals quickly and you’re back on your unencumbered feet again.

    • Thanks for the get well wishes, Irma. I’m getting used to the crutches and Airboot now – the Airboot is much comfier than plaster and I’m not letting it stop me from doing things! The main thing is allowing more time to get from A to B and ensuring places are accessible before I go there. Hope you are ok 🙂

  2. Last week I stubbed my toe… SNAP!!! Black and blue way up the side of my foot. I am in an air cast for weeks and they said I may been surgery. I feel strong on the outside, but my inside must be more fragile than I think it is. My husband installed a pool so I can swim for exercise and now I’m in a case… lol go figure eh. I hope we heal soon! The aircast without crutches is awesome. I hope you get there soon. It’s much easier!

    • Sorry for such a late reply – hope your toe is healing well. Mine has healed but I’ve been told to be ultra careful not to have another fracture. At the same time I don’t want to be too cautious! The pool sounds great – hope you get to use it soon and don’t need to have an operation.

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